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Primary Care Medicine: A Guide




















Our health is an important aspect of our lives. It is said that health is wealth. This is the reason why many people now take care of their health. Now when it comes to taking care of one's health there are many ways that one can do.


One thing that people can do to take care of their health is to eat healthily. Eating healthily means to eat more servings of foods that are healthy for you such as fruits and vegetables. Eating healthily also means avoiding things or eating in moderation the things that are unhealthy such as processed food and other junk food.


Another thing that people can do to take care of their health is to exercise. There are so many benefits to exercising. But for one to reap the benefits of exercise one must do it regularly. Others enroll themselves in gyms in order to get their regular exercise. Others opt for the less expensive option which is walking or jogging or running around in their neighborhood.


Now another way of taking care of one's health is getting primary health care from Luxe Med Lexington Ky. Primary health care refers to the health care that one receives on a continuing basis. One may get this from a doctor generalist. This doctor will take your medical history upon your first visit. Once you find yourself comfortable with this doctor then you can continue your follow-up check-ups with him. You will see this doctor when you get sick and for your yearly medical check-ups too. Yearly medical check-ups are done to check the status of your health.


Your primary health care physician will also be the one to give you primary care medicine. These are the medicines that you need in case you have some illness. In short these can be considered your maintenance medicines. The primary care medicine will of course vary from one person to another. One person may have medicines for his or her heart condition. Another one may have maintenance medicines for his or her diabetes. Still another may have it for his or her asthma. This is up to Dr Chris Stark Lexington Ky who could be your doctor. Of course he or she should orient you about the benefits of these medicines that he or she is prescribing to you and the possible side effects as well. Now if your condition improves and you are found to be one hundred percent healthy then the physician may allow you not to take the medicines anymore.